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Holistic healing arts consultations...

Do you suffer from depression, severe depression, treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder? Well, you are not alone!

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Entering the Unconscious Room

Delve into your points of stagnation and work towards a more authentic state of being with a holistic life overview using a...

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Chiron Cancer - Relational Healing

We work together to better your relationship with your loved one comparing and contrasting your Human Design ...

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Holistic Healing Plants

Thirty years of practice has brought me to this point, As an herbalist and aromatherapist, I put those together with a lifestyle change to bring about healing…

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Spiritual and Intuitive Holistic Consultation

Personal Lunar Predictions & Analysis, Astrological & fixed Stars.

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Applied Astrology

My astrological analysis is meaningful, empathetic, straightforward and filled with practical insight, guidance, directions, solutions, and options.

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Life, wellness and health coaching

Unfortunately, disability either acquired or hereditary is the leading health and social issue...

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Team Chiron

These are the gifted people that help and heal.




I am a long-time spiritual practitioner and have been serving the international clientele for over 25 years...



Holistic Reader

People-pleasing Libra Sun with a rigorous Saturn-dominant chart in the 1st house, and neurotic ...



Holistic Healer

With 30 years of practicing holistic therapy and aromatherapy he has a great foundation ..



My specialties in astrology are applied astrology to your life changes straight from astrology...


Blog is about all things cover on this website as well as few that are not. Ya never know what we are thinking until you have read it in this blog.


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