Lunar Calendar …

Why should we care more about the lunar calendar?

A long time ago, or perhaps better to say once upon a time… people were living in a lunar calendar. They knew how to “read” the lunar calendar and how to use its gifts for their everyday life, for work, to maintain and to promote health, and to cure disease or diseases.

During each lunar month, the Earth and each human lives one life circle; as I would say “a little life.” If we know the energetic influence for each lunar day, we can do more; we can efficiently take all the advantages and adequately take care of some disadvantages. Lunar energy gives a perfect rhythm to life on Earth. It serves as some motor force with constant vibrations. Ancient people used to say that, if you take seriously into consideration lunar rhythms, you will live in harmony with the entire cosmos.

The lunar calendar represents warnings and advice “and are not merely rough guidelines.” There are no good and bad lunar days; there is only poorly managed lunar energy by a human being.

I know, you would say there is too much biology/physiology, too much astronomy, and too much science and philosophy in this entire approach to the lunar calendar. You are right, but for a full understanding, you will need only elementary knowledge of biology/physiology and science in general, as well as a good will to start using the benefits of the lunar calendar.

Let’s start with the elementary things such as the electricity and electric charges in our body. The surface of the Earth has a negative charge; the air that we breathe has a positive charge. Our head has a positive charge, and our feet have a negative charge. The difference in the potential should be approximately 210–230 Volts. Our lower abdominal area should be neutral. Well, it is not a scenario for modern humans. The modern human is isolated entirely from the Earth and its negative charge. Why? Because we use predominantly synthetic shoes, rugs in our homes and carpets, all of them represent barriers. Thus, most of us are pretty much with a positive charge, almost through our entire body. That is not good at all. Positive electricity can cause a lot of troubles.

Additionally, the shift of pH towards more acidic, even just a little bit such as 0.4–0.5, can cause severe problems and the pathogenesis of numerous diseases. It kick-starts severe disturbances in enzyme activities, and the accumulation of harmful end products of metabolism cause the pathogenesis of multiple diseases. Unfortunately, pharmacological treatment of this state does not improve the condition, and one of the preventive strategies for cancerogenesis is precisely to exclude these kinds of problems in our body.

Our body is made up of large molecules. All these molecules have a magnetic field, and they play a role as powerful magnets. When the entire body carries a positive charge, what is not a good scenario, for example, DNA molecules change their orientation, and they do not do properly even one their function what they supposed to do.

The extreme positive charge of our body causes disturbances in the coordinated functions of our organ systems. Probably, you have noticed that every evening you have some tension headaches or discomfort in the neck area. That is the result of over-accumulation of positive charge in your body.

There are some very effective treatments for this kind of problem. First of all, the rhythm of day and night needs to be maintained strictly, and I would say almost blindly. Also, during the day, we should be cautious how we will regulate the general charge in our body. During daytime humans should not be in a horizontal position for a long time; we should walk without shoes as much as possible, every day, maintaining a practice to take a shower each morning and evening, etc.

To be continued…

In a meantime, please take the time to listen to some beautiful music dedicated to the Moon! – Claude Debussy – Clair de Lune (Orchestral Version) – Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (Claro de luna) – Stasa Mirkovic Grujic – Claude Debussy – Clair de lune – Maria Dolores Pradera — Luz de Luna – Hijo de la Luna – Monserrat Caballé – Claire de Lune – Debussy – London Philharmonic