About Us

Chiron – Wise Centaur is a holistic and integrative healing center.

Our motto is: “Bringing balance to the body, mind, and soul to function appropriately and synchronized. Helping is healing.” We would say for well-being that four factors have to be synchronized and in balance – positive outlook, attention, resilience, and generosity. It is a time to get back to nature and find a healthier you. Ask yourself one simple question today: how well are you, really! Generally, good health is as much about our spiritual, mental and emotional state (and even more) as it is about our physical (body) condition. To get there, go step by step, bit by bit, day by day…Healing has to start with you! The holistic healing considers many aspects of your life, maintaining your balance in body, mind, and soul, to be healthy at every age, give your body a reboot, a healthier and happier family life, a good workplace, and how inside guys get outside – getting back to nature and finding a healthier you. No doubt, there is a lot we can do on our own when it comes to stress, including learning how to respond to those feelings in the moment. Be aware that our well-being is established on many different aspects such as emotional wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, intellectual wellness, environmental wellness…wellness is a balance.

Indeed, the conventional approach for healing and treatment for pathological alterations is our reality, in Western medicine, and we would say “a must.” However, complementary, integrative, functional and holistic therapies are very successful as well. If they are applied wisely and professionally, either in combination with conventional medical treatments as a complementary treatment or by themselves as a holistic, alternative, they can be extremely beneficial for the process of healing. The alternative, holistic approach for healing and therapy is nothing new, not at all; this is something that is forgotten from our ancestors and ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, India, China, Egypt, and others. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, National Institutes of Health, the U.S.A. “…many Americans—more than 30 percent of adults and about 12 percent of children—use healthcare approaches that are not typically part of conventional medical care, or that may have origins outside of usual Western practice.” These data are from the survey conducted in 2012; today, these percentages are probably significantly higher.

We offer various aspects of holistic healing arts and astrological analyses including fixed stars analysis, tarot cards consultation, and counseling in aromatherapy, holistic herbal remedies and supplemental (dietary) holistic therapy, human design analysis, counseling in holistic healing of depression (particularly for treatment-resistant depression and major depressive disorder). We are not a medical clinic. For all your emergency and urgent medically-related problems, please visit your medical doctor.

However, functional medicine focuses on the optimal functioning of the body, organ systems, and its organs, and it involves systems of holistic or alternative medicine. We are here to help you with some traditional holistic approaches to establishing the balance between the body, mind, and soul. No doubt, we are here to help you if you want to approach complementary healing which considers conventional treatment in combination with holistic, alternative therapies. For some specific alternative holistic healing therapy, it is not a wise decision to apply them with conventional therapies such as holistic herbal remedies, aromatherapy, and your prescribed medications. You see, if they are utilized together, they can induce adverse side effects. Also, we are ready to help you contact your medical doctor (or vice versa) and discuss which option would be the best option for you and the treatment of your condition.

Comprehensive healing arts are creative practices. They promote healing, wellness, well-being and increase self-esteem as well as help people with their personal changes. Traditional holistic healing arts include counseling, aromatherapy, herbalism, meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques, ancient Chinese martial arts with healing properties, divination, sacred arts such as journaling, writing, music, art, natural herbal and dietary supplements to current nutrition and its changes if necessary. We can help you with the functional medicine approach in collaboration with your medical doctor as well.

Regarding aromatherapy and holistic herbal supplemental and dietary “remedies” and diets, we strongly advise our clients to discuss proposed holistic “remedies” with their primary care physicians and healthcare specialists, as many dietary and supplemental holistic “remedies” and aromatherapy treatments can cause adverse side effects with their pharmaceutics prescribed from physicians.

Additionally, all disabled people who suffer from an acquired disability or hereditary disability are very welcome to our consultations regarding their spiritual, mental, or physical health issues if they would like to approach holistic healing. Good life coaching and wellness coaching makes current and future life meaningful, useful, and less stressful if you suffer from disabilities. Finding a new niche for your future productive life is a vital part. All disabled people will be accommodated according to the ADA-AA (Americans with a Disability Act). We have a strong cultural competency for various disabilities, and we welcome you to our services.

There is much symbolism in our name Chiron – Wise Centaur. As you probably know in mythology, Chiron was a wise centaur, teacher, prophet, and great healer. Chiron, in Greek mythology, was one of the Centaurs. Chiron was famous for his wisdom and knowledge of healing. Many Greek heroes, including Heracles, Achilles, Jason, and Asclepius, were instructed and trained by Chiron centaur. Heracles accidentally shot him by a poisoned arrow, he renounced his immortality in favor of Prometheus and was placed among the stars.

The mantic arts were practiced in one form or another by all cultures and civilizations throughout history and human civilization. Naturally, due to the natural human’s innate desire and curiosity to discover what the future holds and to gain access to the supernatural, the human has devised a significant number of divinatory techniques and methods in the human civilization, so-called mantic arts and they have healing properties too. The astrological analysis, including fixed stars in consultation, will bring you practical ideas regarding your life activities on all levels – career, family life, and where and how to focus your energy. Thus, our discussions will be applied and practical approach to your life including your body, mind, and spirit.

Some people like tarot card readings, thinking that tarot card readings provide them with a more tangible and practical approach to their problems. We are offering tarot card readings for all people who prefer this type of divination.

Indeed, aromatherapy is a unique holistic healing art that uses natural herbal extracts to promote health and well-being. In our panel, we are offering you blends for everyday balance, relaxation, pain reliever, respiratory alterations, headaches, migraines, digestive alterations and many more.

We are a member of numerous professional and non-professional organizations, associations, societies, and foundations. These memberships are related to holistic therapy.

IPHM – The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

IAHT – The International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

HTPA – Healing Touch Professional Association

ABPG – Alternative Balance Professional Group

As we mentioned above… take step by step!

Let’s briefly give you an impression of how do we live today, in the modern 21st century! Why should we care more about the lunar calendar?

A long time ago, or perhaps better to say once upon a time… people were living in a lunar calendar. They knew how to “read” the lunar calendar and how to use its gifts for their everyday life, for work, to maintain and to promote health, and to cure disease.

During each lunar month, the Earth and each human lives one life circle; as I would say “a little life.” If we know the energetic influence for each lunar day, we can do more; we can efficiently take all the advantages and adequately take care of some disadvantages. Lunar energy gives a perfect rhythm to life on Earth. It serves as some motor force with constant vibrations. Ancient people used to say that if you take lunar rhythms into serious consideration, you will live in harmony with the entire cosmos.

The lunar calendar represents warnings and advice “and are not merely rough guidelines.” There are no good and bad lunar days; there is only poorly managed lunar energy by a human being.

I know, you would say there is too much biology/physiology, too much astronomy, and too much science and philosophy in this entire approach to the lunar calendar. You are right, but for a full understanding, you will need only elementary knowledge of biology/physiology and science in general, as well as goodwill to start using the benefits of the lunar calendar.

Let’s start with the elementary things such as the electricity and electric charges in our body. The surface of the Earth has a negative charge; the air that we breathe has a positive charge. Our head has a positive charge, and our feet have a negative charge. The difference in the potential should be approximately 210–230 Volts. Our lower abdominal area should be neutral. Well, this is not a scenario for modern humans. The modern human is isolated entirely from the Earth and its negative charge. Why? Because we use predominantly synthetic shoes, as well as rugs in our homes and carpets, and all of them represent barriers. Thus, most of us are pretty much positively charged through our entire body. That is not good at all. Positive electricity can cause a lot of troubles.

Additionally, the shift of pH towards more acidic, even just a little bit such as 0.4–0.5, can cause severe problems and the pathogenesis of numerous diseases. It kick-starts severe disturbances in enzyme activities, and the accumulation of harmful end products of metabolism cause the pathogenesis of multiple diseases. Unfortunately, pharmacological treatment of this state does not improve the condition, and one of the preventive strategies for cancerogenesis is precisely to exclude these kinds of problems in our body.

Our body is made up of large molecules. All these molecules have a magnetic field, and they play a role as powerful magnets. When the entire body carries a positive charge, what is not a good scenario, for example, DNA molecules change their orientation, and they do not do properly even one their function what they supposed to do.

The extreme positive charge of our body causes disturbances in the coordinated functions of our organ systems. You have probably noticed that every evening you have some tension headaches or discomfort in the neck area. That is the result of over-accumulation of positive charge in your body.

There are some very effective treatments for this kind of problem. First of all, the rhythm of day and night needs to be maintained strictly, and I would say almost blindly. Also, during the day, we should be cautious about how we will regulate the general charge in our body. During daytime, humans should not be in a horizontal position for a long time; we should walk without shoes as much as possible, every day, maintaining a practice to take a shower each morning and evening, etc.

The road of wellness begins in our childhood and turns and twists over time. Stay healthy at every age and maintain balance in body, mind, and soul.


Chiron – Wise Centaur Team