Holistic healing arts consultations…

in depression, major depressive disorder, and treatment-resistant depression using holistic treatment.

holistic healing depression

Do you or a loved one suffer from depression, severe depression, treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder? Well, you are not alone!

Depression is exhausting disease, and many people (about 30%) do not have a good response on conventional antidepressant therapy. They changed multiple antidepressants without improvements. Is there any other help or healing treatments for those people? Certainly, yes! Try holistic healing arts.

I can provide you with consultation regarding alternative, holistic healing arts related to depression, treatment-resistant depression and how to improve your depressive condition through this type of healing.

It is crucial if you decide to approach any holistic healing arts for depression and still, you are taking antidepressant therapy to make necessary consultation with your prescription authority such as your primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and pharmacists. Many antidepressants can induce side effects with some holistic remedies such as St. John wort, and aromatherapy as well. All other healing arts will not help you only for depression; they can help you by bringing balance in your body, mind, and soul, improve self-esteem, and not feeling worthless and hopeless.

Please, prepare yourself for this consultation, it is imperative knowing your family history, history of your diseases such for example hypothyroidism, diabetes, cancer, any physical, sensory disabilities, and other pathologies. My consultation has an integrative, functional and comprehensive approach; then we can discuss alternative and holistic methods to treat depression.

During my professional life and work, I built cultural competence related to different cultures, religions and spirituality and spiritual traditions, languages, disabilities, gender, race and sexual orientations as well as skills in critical thinking and problem-solving.

The consultation is via Skype or a telephone (your preference).

Holistic Healing Arts Consultation – Depression – 60 minutes

Please make sure to select the correct appointment type.

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The consultation will be performed via Internet Communications which can be 2-way video, audio via Desktop, Tablet or smartphone or telephone. The information will be sent to your email address.