Personal Lunar Predictions & Analysis

Nine phases of the full growth cycle of the moon isolated in the night sky with clouds

– the Empowerment of Well-Being

Lunar analysis and how to live lunar calendar – consultation

A long time ago, or perhaps better to say once upon a time… people were living in a lunar calendar. They knew how to “read” the lunar calendar and how to use its gifts for their everyday life, for work, to maintain and to promote health, and to prevent or cure disease or diseases.

During each lunar month, the Earth and each human lives one life circle; as I would say “a little life.” If we know the energetic influence for each lunar day, we can do more; we can efficiently take all the advantages and adequately take care of some disadvantages. Lunar energy gives a perfect rhythm to life on Earth. It serves as some motor force with constant vibrations. Ancient people used to say that, if you take seriously into consideration lunar rhythms, you will live in harmony with the entire cosmos. The lunar calendar represents warnings and advice “and are not merely rough guidelines.” There are no good and bad lunar days; there is only poorly managed lunar energy by a human being.

Let me to analyze your Moon and give a useful, practical, meaningful consultation how you (specifically) should live in the lunar calendar and to bring balance in your body, mind, and soul.

Living lunar (Moon) calendar as the ancient civilizations to promote health; prevent diseases; balancing, synchronizing and harmonizing body-mind-soul; making your job less stressful and more successful as well as bringing harmony and balance in your family and home and all other aspects of your life. The crucial element is nutrition, how to improve this aspect of your life and with proper corrections to bring harmony and balance in your body, mind, and soul, stay healthy, prevent diseases, and age gracefully and wisely as our ancestors.

For this analysis, we will need your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Please, allow 24-48 hours to prepare the report.

The analysis can be performed via Skype or a telephone.

75 minute consultation for Lunar Predictions.

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NOTE: The consultation will be performed via Internet Communications which can be 2-way video, audio via Desktop, Tablet or smartphone or telephone. The consultation may be in person upon request. The information will be sent to your email address.